Arrive June 29
Depart July 5
Experience Provence, France

Experience the art of living in Provence

The moment I said yes to myself and woke up in France things changed. Waking up in the heart of Provence is an absolute dream. I don’t know when have had such a luxurious start to my day. Experiencing one of the most beautiful regions of France… an experience unmatched.

9 am – Awaken

I felt a sensation of deep relaxation as the gentle breeze peppered with aromatic scents of fresh lavender from the adjacent field drifted into my room as if tapping me on the shoulder and inviting me to join the day ahead.

10:08 am

I passed by new friends as I made my way to breakfast. I happened upon a few others participating in a private yoga session near the pool, surrounded by the beautiful and lush grounds.

10:18 am

Breakfast (or petit dejuner, as it is called in French), was perfectly appointed. Not only a feast for the eyes, a feast for senses.

Freshly baked baguettes from the little shop in the center of town, beautiful and sweet fruits from local growers, and fresh juices.

I left satiated and ready to venture.

11:29 am

Practicing the art of wandering (or being a flueneur) through the historic village felt encapsulating, in the most delicious way, by history, beauty and a different way of just being. And what a lovely surprise to happen upon an outdoor market!

1:00 pm
Embracing Play and Culture

After meandering for a while it was time for a bit of nourishment. So doing as the locals I joined in to play the regional game of pétanque while I nibbled and expanded my palate with a refreshing glass of rosé from a local vineyard.

2:24 pm

We headed to the fishing village of Cassis, which is slowly being coined as “The new Paris!” The sun warm, the water cooling. I’ve never felt so at ease and present.

5:00 pm
Aperitifs & Community

At this point, I was ready for an evening of more ease and culinary exploration.

6:31 pm

Enter the wine tasting and charcuterie board atelier (workshop) and learning more about the beautiful souls that also were called to join this journey.

Inspiring nibbles and expertly selected wines begin a one of a kind experience in the heart of the south of France.

8:07 pm

Dinner was more than an experience. It was an invitation of pure, blissful indulgence.

9:28 pm

Nightcaps around the pool reflecting on a perfect day, literally living a dream. Headed to bed in anticipation for tomorrow like a child on Christmas Eve!

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