I am excited to continue the Dream Now, Travel Later blog series! It has been so much fun researching, wanderlusting and adding new spots to my already established and growing list of “must visit!”

This edition of the series we are focusing on beach clubs, in the South of France!

Now, there is no better water or atmosphere to be in beside the French seaside dipping your toes in the Mediterranean! I was never really a ‘beach all day’ person, that was until I experienced the beaches of the south of France! Now, I will say that there are plenty of public beaches that are equally as beautiful to the ones I am going to share, however, there are significant perks to not only making a day of it, but grabbing a reservation and reserving a chaise or deux!

First, access to, comfortable lounge chairs that you don’t have to lug through the village and down to the beach is a major plus! Comfort is above all the number one reason I always opt for private beaches! Secondly, on demand food and drinks is a major plus!

So, here are my favorite private beach clubs that I will go back to time and time again, and the ones that have piqued my interest to give a go on my next journey to France!

Don’t forget to bookmark this for yourself or better yet! You can Pin it below so you can reference it! Make sure to leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite!

1. CLUB PALMIERS – St. Tropez

Beach – Sand

Located outside of St. Tropez, Club Palmiers is chic, eco-friendly and the place to see and be seen without the pretentiousness of it all! What’s my favorite stand out about this club is the decor and atmosphere. The staff is absolutely amazing and the seafood is the stuff that last meal requests are made of! Paired with what sounds weird typing, but the softest sand I have ever had the privilege of walking on, a day at the fashion forward, yet unpretentious spot is a must of a trip to the coveted south!

Les Palmiers has perfected the Mediterranean fare and refreshing cocktails to boot!

2. ANAO PLAGE Plage- Beaulieu sur Mer

Beach- sand

The self-proclaimed, and rightfully so, privileged place between Monaco and Nice, both a private beach club and restaurant, this private beach brings ease to the beach day. It boasts a prime and easily accessible location from Nice, spacious and comfortable beach beds. Be sure to reserve your bed in advance, especially in the high season, and request a front row so that there is absolutely no obstruction of your view, because after all, your paying for it!

The standouts of this beach and the private beach club are for sure the spacious beds which allowed for maximum comfortability and relaxation!

3. Paloma Beach- St. Jean Cap Ferrat

Beach – Pebbles

Iconic, classic, and quintessential French Riviera, Paloma Beach is located in the village of St. Jean Cap Ferrat which boast the most exclusive real estate in all of France.

This is the idyllic location that is nestled in the lush greenery and facing the breathtaking views of the cliffs of Eze and Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Graced by the likes of Churchill, Matisse, Elton John, and Dewayne Wade, just to name a few.

Fun fact, this beach was named after the daughter of Pablo Picasso! Visiting a piece of historic pop culture history along with enjoying their amazing Piso drink that should be sold by the pitcher rather than the glass, well nothing beats it! A few candids from my last visit to this glorious paradise below!

Okay, now for the beach club that is a must for my next visit to the French Riviera:

4. La Guérite- Cannes

Beach – Sand

Located in the inlet of the Sainte-Marguerite island, just off of Cannes, this beach club has been around since 1935. With an amazing cool and chilled atmosphere and live band and DJ on Sundays, well, this is the is the place to take in all that the French Riviera has to offer!

Okay! So tell me in the comments, which one jumped out to you as a ‘must’ go and experience’ situation?!