Walking into a Field of Fresh Dreams

An indulgent experience of renewal and relaxation

Provence, France

June 29 – July 5, 2024

If you are a woman in need of an escape from never-ending to-do lists and Zoom calls, who is craving a reprieve and is in need of some much overdue bliss, then join me as we embark on an unforgettable journey of luxury, relaxation, and rejuvenation surrounded by the exquisite landscapes of Provence, France. During this transformative experience where indulgence meets inspiration and discovery, you will return home with a renewed passion for the life you are creating.

Allow yourself to imagine…

Gently waking up to the amazing wafting of pure lavender scents coming through your opened bedroom window from the adjacent fields on the estate which you are staying…

You walk to the window to see the picturesque landscape that you believed to only exist in paintings by the greats: Van Gogh, Cezanne and Picasso; you look down to see the old stone dining table overlooking the pool lavishly decorated with fresh produce and freshly made croissants.  

Chatting with new friends, you leisurely stroll through quaint and historic village centers that have stood the test of time as shop owners greet you with ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Bon matin’ (hello and good morning).  

Later that afternoon, you seize the call of the sparkling and majestic Mediterranean sea and slowly submerse yourself into the water to take a dip. While cooling down in a hidden cove surrounded by ice-white calanques (sea cliffs) in a charming and sleepy fishing village– you find yourself gazing at your surroundings hardly believing that you are here! But you are…

You, my friend, are in France…you are in Provence!

Provence is the perfect place to refuel, reflect and revive your lust for life!

There is no better location than Provence, France, to experience 7 magical days where you, in the company of like-minded and inspired women, can slow down, reflect and reconnect with what truly inspires you…

… you will discover an easy and proven way to replenish and keep your wellness at the forefront of your routine and schedule without major shifts to your current lifestyle…

…help guarantee your future well being and happiness by reviving and constructing your dreams and goals and understanding how to use French wellness practices when needed and create an authentic sense of success, fulfillment and joy in your life…

and become accomplished at truly creating beauty in all aspects of your life and environment.

Oui... you had me at croissant!

I can hear you now…

…a trip to France? I barely have time for a trip to the grocery store, how do I make time for France?  

You have a list titled, “That would be nice someday.” A list that secretly you yourself don’t believe you will ever get to.

You’re wondering if this would actually be “realistic.” And if you could go, how would you have time to get everything together?

You’re also asking yourself, “How do I make all these dreams and plans actually come true when I have so many responsibilities?”

My friend, you are in need of some joie de vivre!
(That’s joy of life)

You are ready! This is your time! This retreat isn’t to be missed!

It is time to stop dreaming and watching everyone live a life that fuels them and make it happen for yourself!

However, you realize that you can’t do this alone and you need inspiration and someone to guide you and workshop this so that you can finally overcome the excuses and fears and start creating a life that truly lights you up!

Refuel + Replenish

Your journey will begin near Gordes, France, which holds an unassuming elegance at every turn. Cloaked in beauty with its quaint hilltop villages and the sun drenched landscape there is calm at every turn. Here, you will be able to disconnect from the chaos of the day-to-day and learn and practice the art of slow living and slow travel.

This will give you the opportunity to begin to move away from feelings of being stuck and simply going through the motions. How amazing would that be for you?!

You will use the beauty and inspiration around you to not only slow down and regenerate but, in addition, I will be walking you through my secret weapon, the looping process, in order to help you identify what’s specifically keeping you from being able to move forward with ease and flow in any aspect of your life.

For once, the planning, scheduling and logistics isn’t left on your shoulders. Each step of your journey has been thoughtfully curated to not only allow you to maximize your travel to the beautiful country of France, but to also to address the internal stressors you face that are preventing you from living each day to its maximum potential.

More than a retreat, this will be a personal discovery where you will tap into honest understandings of what you truly crave and yearn for in life.


Through each activity on the retreat you will become inspired and enabled to make deep connections to what it is you want to create for yourself, whether it is more time freedom, beautiful surroundings, or you want to adjust how you approach each day through the mindset of maximizing your personal wellness.

You will begin to design an outline of how you will re-enter your state of “normal” upon returning home.

Throughout the South of France you will be guided through impactful experiential activities that are selected and designed to assist you with breaking through roadblocks that are preventing you from creating a life that is constructed to support you in reaching your ultimate and highest potential in your specific area of focus.


The Walking into a Field of Fresh Dreams in Provence retreat is woven together to be a celebration of personal happiness and wellness. Each day as you are enchanted with the reverence given to these areas of life in the French culture, you will internalize and begin to understand how that same approach can easily integrate into your life away from the charm that is Provence.

Through your personal and group experiences on the retreat you will gain a true understanding of what you need to do in order to show up in the world with ease and grace and bring to life the vision that you have constructed using the reflection of each experience to guide you during the retreat.

Are you ready to savor life?!

The Venue

From the moment you enter the gates of The Bastide you will immediately be pampered and your curated experience will commence.

Nestled in the French Provençal countryside The Bastide sits behind a wrought iron portal opening onto a beautiful tree-lined pathway with a majestic country-side estate awaiting you and the end.

Set in Provence among its sweet scents, the estate is a privileged space, far from onlookers, that offers privacy, beautiful views and is close enough to be in the heartbeat of the region without effort.

Can you feel the gentle breeze of the Provençal air grazing your cheeks as you lay next to this beautiful pool to catch a few beams of sun in the late afternoon before you heading to dinner with newfound friends?!

Are you ready to wake up in this peaceful room knowing that once you set foot outside you will be embraced by nothing but beauty and calm?

Example of bedroom offered on retreat
The food of Provence…

Aaaahthe beauty of Mediterranean cuisine is that awakens you with its rich smells and vibrant colors. Each plate is a masterpiece created with care and love to highlight a fresh and flavorful local fare.

This region of France is known for their rosé, which can range from sweet to boastfully bold flavors! As a matter of fact, the Provençal region has been making wine for three millennia, so you know it is something to be treasured!

During your time you will enjoy familial, Mediterranean style, feasts. This is la cuisine de grand-mère (food of your grandmother). It is high-spirited, unpretentious and packed with love! Our daily cuisine (lunch and dinners) will be prepared by a dedicated French chef for the duration of our time in Provence.

Regional favorites such as, aïoli sauce, ratatouille, tapenade, bouillabaisse (the most famous dish of all) and salade niçoise are not to be missed.

Prepare your palette for fresh foods that absolutely satisfy! And don’t forget to leave room for the wine and cheese!

You must also not forget to grab a sweet treat, calissons, and few packets of Herbs de Provence to take home to recreate the Provence magic each time you prepare and enjoy your meals!

I'm coming to France!

“When the Good Lord begins to doubt the world, he remembers that he created Provence.”

— Fredéric Mistral

Your Itinerary

Day 1: Bienvenue (Welcome)

Today is a celebration! You have arrived to Provence! Settle in to your très chic French life.

  • Check-in at The Bastide
  • After settling in meet your hostess by the pool for a champagne + rosé cocktail party. Enjoy apéritifs and fresh Provençal bites!
  • Enjoy our signature, Curated Retreat Flower Bar & Atelier, to create your own personalized Provençal bouquet to enjoy for the week
  • Enjoy a dip in the pool and play a local favorite, pétanque (we’ll teach you!), as you enjoy the French sunset
  • Welcome dinner prepared by private chef and styled by Colet

Day 2: Market Tour & Wine Atelier

Today is where you understand the art of gastronomic simplicity and how to honor your body, and palate, with beautiful foods and spirits.  

Enjoy a leisurely and independent start to your morning routine with the option of: sunrise yoga, guided walking meditation or journaling.


  • Private Provençal market tour
  • Provençal cooking class and lunch al fresco
  • Private, 2-hour wine atelier (workshop) with wine snobbery-free teachings of Caroline Conner of Wine Dine Caroline, who holds the prestigious Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 4 Diploma and is well versed in French wines as a resident of Lyon, France
  • An afternoon of down time and self exploration
  • Dinner at The Bastide

Day 3: Lavender Field Experience

Today you will experience beauty beyond measure. You will explore the power of utilizing scent to heal and the primal power of using it to trigger recall and recognition in order to harness not only therapeutic benefits but focus, reduction in agitation and increase in productivity.  

Enjoy a leisurely and independent start to your morning routine with the option of: sunrise yoga, guided walking meditation or journaling. 


  • Venture to famous villages of Provence to spend the day on a private tour of the hidden, off the beaten path lavender fields of Provence, and explore the beauty of the region
  • Lunch in Sault (on your own)
  • Experience a personal photography shoot with professional fine art photographer, Claire Eyos, in and around the fields and town 
  • Participate in a beautiful lavender field cocktail party!
  • Colet will host a mini aromatherapy workshop where you will learn how to utilize your lavender and other natural oils to support you throughout your day. 
  • Dinner at The Bastide

Day 4: Discover the Mediterranean

Today is a day of awe. You will enjoy a trip to a charming fishing village and tour the famous calanques of Southern France.  

  • Depart for Cassis, France
  • Breakfast in Cassis
  • Enjoy a private group tour of the famous calanques + explore the little-known fishing village that will transport you to a 1950’s black and white Grace Kelly film
  • Lunch (on your own)
  • Revel in time for independent exploration of the town or spend your day on the beach connecting with nature and perfecting your Mediterranean glow
  • Group dinner in Cassis

Day 5: Privileged Olive Grove Experience

Experience the privilege of visiting a renowned olive grove in Provence. 

Find yourself nestled in field of olive trees adjoining an authentic Mediterranean garden for a day of 

authentic experiences, restfulness and beauty.

  • Enjoy a truly sensorial olive oil tasting class surrounded by the olive trees that produced the oils you are experiencing.
  • A vegetarian-based lunch on the grounds prepared by a French chef with fresh produce from the local growers of the area.

Day 6: The Flaneur Life

Today you will experience what so many journey to this part of the world to do. Be a flaneur, or someone who slowly wanders.

Enjoy a leisurely and independent start to your morning routine with the option of: sunrise yoga, guided walking meditation or journaling  


  • This day is yours! You will have the option of spending the day in the city of a thousand fountains, Aix-en-Provence, or creating your own agenda for the day!
  • Group challenge: prepare to tap into your wellness learnings from the week and rally together to execute and conquer the ultimate Provençal wellness challenge!
  • Group dinner at The Bastide

Day 7: Au revoir

Enjoy a leisurely and independent start to your morning.


• Final au revoirs (goodbyes)
• Check out of The Bastide: Transport to train/airport (at specified times)


Level 1: Casual

Attendees will walk 2-3 miles on some days throughout villages, trails and outdoor markets on relatively flat terrain. Attendees will have to be individually mobile and able to climb stairs, move in and out of vehicles and get in and out of a boat. Activity is overall very manageable.

  • Pre-trip preparation call
  • 7 days and 6 nights at luxury estate accommodations, double occupancy (2 full beds/room), six nights at The Bastide (yes, you can upgrade to a single room)
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport to the retreat lodging location (June 29th and July 5th at designated times only!)
  • All ground transportation to scheduled retreat events and excursions
  • Six nourishing breakfasts with local Provençal produce and goods
  • Four lunches and six dinners. Trust me, your taste buds will be French by the time you depart! 
  • A dedicated French-chef and butler meal service 
  • One glass of wine with each provided lunch and dinner
  • Champagne welcome and mid-week cocktail parties
  • Daily deep-dive conversations and coaching sessions with Colet, focused on visualizing and reflection of where you are, reviving who you are at the moment, and replenishing yourself to create the future you envision
  • Private wine course by certified wine master
  • Olive Grove tour and tasting class
  • Exclusive lavender field excursion with air conditioned transport
  • Individual photography session with a fine art photographer
  • Provence Market tour 
  • Floral workshop and bouquet creation
  • Learn the daily art of designing and curating a calm and fulfilling life
  • Free high speed internet at the estate
  • Daily room cleaning
  • Detailed daily itinerary delivered to your room and suggestions on places to visit, interesting facts and culture excursions
  • Access to our private ‘Flâneur Collective.’ This is where we will be sharing all the details on planning, preparation and understanding the French culture
  • Surprises, gifts and other scintillating extras throughout!
PRE-RETREAT CALL: Prior to take off we will have a group call that will set you on the right track for preparing for the retreat and your upcoming transformation!  You will receive a ‘pre-retreat pack’ well before our call and departure. This call will also help with getting acquainted so we will hit the ground running at our welcome cocktail and dinner party!

THE FLÂNEUR COLLECTIVE: Flâneur means someone who strolls, in French. The word originated in Provence to describe the pedestrians that walked down the famous Aix en Provence street, Le Cours Mirabeau, a location where you too will soon become a flâneur!

The collective is our private Facebook community that you will gain immediate access to once you register. Here you will receive travel tips and tricks, important information about the Walking Into a Field of Fresh Dreams in France retreat, and you will be able to connect with other women who will be on the trip, in addition to finding the perfect room mate for you if are making the journey alone !

INSTANTLY FRENCH: Visiting a new country can be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t speak the language and don’t know much about the culture. But not to fear, your Instantly French pack is here!!

I will share everything you need to know about visiting France and fitting in with the locals without having to resort to the days of French I in high school!! Included are the following:

  • Virtual Retreat that walks you through the South of France so that you can become comfortable with the area
  • Cheatsheets: Must know French words for travelers and 7 Must PackEssentials for a Provençal Summer
  • Must listen French-topic podcast bundle
  • Must-watch French movies (English subtitles)

*** A few other surprises!

POST RETREAT CALL: Upon your return home, Colet will hold a post-retreat call to assist you with integrating your new learnings and remaining focused on your transformational experience and the actions that you planned to take to keep your create your newly crafted vision.

The following IS NOT included in your experience:

  • Your international round-trip flight from your originating location
  • Meals not listed (but that should not be a concern because you will be in the capital of fine cuisine…France!)
  • Alcoholic beverages not listed, laundry, incidentals, spa services, personal phone calls or other activities not explicitly mentioned
  • Souvenirs and shopping sprees
  • Transportation outside of provided travel to scheduled retreat activities
  • Tips for drivers or services occurred outside of scheduled retreat activities
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (which is strongly recommended)

Your Hostess

Colet Williams

I am what you would call, a Francophile. I love everything about the French culture. From the moment the plane landed and I began my first visit to the South of France, I knew that I had to not only come back, but share the experience with others! I could not imagine one’s life being complete without laying their eyes on and immersing themselves in the ways and vibrations of the South of France! 

This is why I am ecstatic that you are joining me in France for not only the experience of a lifetime, but also for the experience of you investing in yourself, your growth, personal development and pressing into your passions that you have held close to the belt for fear that no one would “get it.” Well, I do… and not only do I “get you” but I celebrate you!

I promise that you will not return home the same women you left. You will be clear in your passion and purpose, understand how to balance that all with the demands of your lifestyle and I will impart on you how to make this all work for the betterment of your health and wellness in the areas of nutrition, movement, mindset and your environment.  

As a certified health coach and lifestyle curator, I am uniquely qualified to guide you through this transformational experience. What you can rest assured is that I too, was where you are, I too was stressed, frustrated and constantly saying to myself, “there has to be more.” My happiness ebbed and flowed and I was overwhelmed with the lack of time that I had to “make it all happen.”  Through my studies and experiences with the French culture I have crafted a proprietary view and approach to health and wellness that has not only changed the trajectory of my life but soon, it will do the same for yours! 

So, as the French say… on y vas! Let’s go!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t afford a trip to France?

Mon amis (my friend) this is not your typical trip! This is an investment in yourself and a stepping stone to create the foundation of a life that works for you, incorporating all your desires, passions and must dos in a way that you have complete control of shaping and creating. The coaching resources alone that you will receive on this journey are worth the cost of the retreat and will be invaluable to you as you return home to “do life.” Seeing the famous French countryside and peaking at the French Riviera are just the cherry on top! And not to worry! There are payment plans available to make this a non-issue for you and you can start planning out your outfits!

I have a J.O.B. and family, I can’t see taking time away.

This reason alone is why you should come on the retreat! You have to learn the importance of creating space and making time for you to renew and regenerate and pour into you so that you can show up as the best version of yourself for not only your job but your family. You will absolutely return home inspired and transformed having a clear mind and vision and being able to offer even more to both areas of your life!

Umm… I don’t know about traveling with people I don’t know.

Oh! This is easy! You will know everyone who will be on the retreat because as soon as you register you will join our private Facebook group with all retreat goers! You will have plenty of time to connect with other travelers forge acquaintances and share dreams and excitement about the upcoming trip! In addition, I will host a pre-retreat call so that we can all connect and get comfortable with each other!

Do I have to participate in all of the activities?

Of course not! Each activity has been selected and arranged with the larger mission in mind, which is to assist you in reaching your ultimate goals surrounding your wellness and lifestyle choices. However, we all are the masters of our journey and you can opt-out of any experience. (Please note however, there will not be any monetary credits made for opting out in scheduled activities) In addition, keep in mind that there will be time for rest and rejuvenation built into the retreat itinerary. But please know, you always have the option of creating your own experience and relaxing in your room or lounging by the pool on the estate.

I have never been out of the country, I wouldn't even know where to start.

No worries! We can map it out for you and help you along the way. We can also direct you to our prime and preferred resources! It is MUCH easier than you think.

Can I stay longer?

I love the sound of that, being a Francophile I will always encourage extended time in France, my home away from home! If you would like to come in early for an intensive coaching with Colet that is completely possible! Simply reach out at hello@curatedhealthcoach.com to get additional information.

If you are looking to extend your stay on either end of your trip we are happy to offer suggestions and recommendations!

How do I get to Provence?

We will be staying in a beautiful village near the Aix-en-Provence, France. You will want make your way to the area by way of Marseille. There are a few options…

You can fly into one of the following airports:  

Direct flight to Marseille airport (MRS).

Fly into Paris:  

There are a few options to get from Paris to Provence!  

  1. You can simply get a connecting flight to Marseille from Paris’ airports (CDG or Orly)
  2. You can take advantage of the amazing rail system and see the landscape of the country! Using Rail Europe you can purchase a high speed train ticket and arrive at the Avignon station in 3 hours and 15 minutes!  (Our favorite option)

Marseille: You can fly into Marseille (MRS) and make your way to Avignon by high speed train and arrive in 35 minutes!  

Nice: If you are flying into Nice (NCE) airport you can take the high speed rail train and arrive in Avignon within 4 hours!  

If you need additional assistance mapping out a route, do not hesitate to reach out, we will be more than happy to help guide you! 

Who can I talk to, I have more questions?

We are always happy to jump on a call and speak with you! In fact we would LOVE it!

Just email hello@curatedhealthcoach.com and we will get a call set up right away for you!


Are you ready to escape to Provence?

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